The dream house has become a reality , YARU New Capital

The dream house has become a reality, YARU New Capital

Whatever your needs and requirements in your dream house, you will find it with us

At Yaro, In the new administrative capital, 500 meters from the diplomatic district, overlooking the Green River and the Bin Zayed axis, which is the most distinguished area in the capital

we have thought of everyone, so we offer you convenience all the options that you will definitely find what you want among them

If you are at the beginning of your life or want a cozy and warm house, we have the ideal choice for you because we have units ranging in size from 70 meters to 180 meters

But if you want a large and modern family house, the best solution for you is the villas, which also vary to suit exactly what you want.

And spaces start from 213 to 450

Types of villas in Yaru New Capital

As for the shapes of villas, they also vary. You will find Quattro villas, which are four villas, each two opposite villas

And You will also find the twin villas, which are two adjacent villas, and the third option is the town villa, which consists of three adjacent villas.

Also, if you are one of the owners of classic taste and luxury life, your ideal choice is the stand alone villa

Of course, all these villas have their own private garden

And of course, we think of you because the convenience of our customers is our priority, so you will find the most easy and comfortable installment systems for up to ten years

Also, if you pay in cash, you will get a discount of up to 30%

About the real estate developer qontrac and CMD

And of course, the most important thing you will find is the professionalism in dealing and implementation because the project is under the supervision of the strongest alliances in the real estate with more than 20 years of experience in the real estate market between cmd and qontrac

So grab this opportunity now quickly and book the right unit for you and your next life