La Mer

About Yaru

Go where splashes of the South Beach are seen all over the Miami-inspired locale. From artistic
designs to glamorous environments, you will be in a simpler time, made for the modern mindset. When you’re feeling carelree, on top of the world and wholly at ease with yourself,
you know, it must be Lamer

lamer has everything you could ever wish for in a beach town
Take a stroll on the Boardwaik, that has a life of its own, where
a worid of summer sights, tastes, scents and sensations await,
day and night!
Lamer is designed with an eco-frienaty vision that entails having a self-sutficient community, from the local transportation buses
that can drop you off at yourdesired destination, to desalination
plants that are partially powered by solar energy, all of which
makes staying at Lamer a smart decision, at a smart coastal town

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