Attention to society and social responsibility

In Consortium-EG, we believe that business should be more than just earning profits. We also focus on interest in society and social responsibility. We strive to achieve this goal through many initiatives and programs we are doing.

the environment:

We strive to preserve the environment and reduce the negative environmental impact. We use green construction techniques, take care of green areas, and work to improve air quality and water in the societies in which we work.

the society:

We believe that we must support the societies we work with. Therefore, we fund many social projects, such as educational, health and sports programs. We support local charitable institutions, and we are working with local communities to improve the quality of life in those areas.


We are seeking to meet the needs of our customers in the highest quality, and we consider customer satisfaction the supreme goal for us. We are working to provide a safe and healthy environment for customers, and we develop real estate according to the highest quality and safety standards.


We believe that the employees are the key to the success of any company, so we are keen to provide a stimulating and comfortable work environment for them. We offer our employees the opportunity to develop personal development and continuous training, and we are providing bonuses and incentives to motivate them to work seriously and more productive. We strive to maintain the satisfaction of our employees and provide a healthy and safe work environment for them.

Partners and suppliers:

We believe that our partnership and cooperation with suppliers are an essential part of the success of our business. We are keen to work with suppliers who have credibility and dedication at work, and who are keen to provide the best products and services. We strive to maintain strong and sustainable relationships with our partners and our suppliers.

Diversity and inclusiveness:

We believe that diversity and inclusiveness are an important part of our identity as a company. We seek to enhance different cultures and peaceful coexistence among all members of the societies that we work with. We are keen to provide equal opportunities for all employees and clients without any discrimination or discrimination against any group.

In short, we seek to achieve sustainable development and social responsibility, and we believe that this approach represents the key to our success as a company. We believe that our work can have a positive impact on the societies that we work with, and we strive to achieve this