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Working at cmd Development is more than just a job. It is a step towards a great career.

We value the qualifications, skills and knowledge of all our employees and are committed to their success.
We recruit the best candidates through a rigorous process, and when they join, we enhance their talents and offer rewarding career paths.

Learning and development

All of our employees enjoy learning and development opportunities for every stage of their personal and professional growth.

Learning opportunities include programs in technical and business skills, technical courses, educational seminars, and external conferences.

Leadership training includes programs for new supervisors, middle management development, and a leadership and management program.

Our goal is a group of talented and well-trained employees with an understanding of diverse industries, cross-product expertise, and strong relationship skills.

salaries & behavioral rules

The company offers competitive salaries to its employees, and our bonus packages are designed to reward performance and benefit high achievers.

We regularly conduct employee compensation and benefits surveys to ensure external equity and to learn about market trends and best practices.

Our company fosters a culture of teamwork that promotes integrity, honesty, customer focus and innovation.

Our Code of Conduct embodies our belief in equal opportunity for all of our employees.
It encourages non-discriminatory practices, prohibits any form of harassment or intimidation,
Whistleblowers are protected with confidentiality and compensation when they raise concerns.

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