The launch date of the monorail is approaching soon

In the New Administrative Capital, there is great interest in providing modern and advanced means of transportation,

as well as environmentally friendly, to preserve the environment and the air from pollution.

Because it is planned that the New Administrative Capital will be one of the most developed cities,

not only in the Middle East but in the world, and one of the most important images and signs of this development is the modern means of transportation.

One of the most important of these advanced means is the monorail

What is monorail ?

The monorail is an electric train that runs on single rails, and these rails are far from the surface of the ground and traffic intersections.

The monorail project is environmentally friendly; It does not cause the exhaust that regular trains do, and it is fast and safe,

so it allows transportation between different parts of the city without causing traffic congestion or environmental pollution.

The monorail extending from the stadium metro station in Nasr City to the new administrative capital is considered one of the most important and largest projects at the present time

Because it will connect Greater Cairo with the new cities and the new administrative capital

How long is the monorail ?

It will extend with a length of 56.5 km and a number of 22 stations.

It will contribute to facilitating the movement of employees and citizens to and from the new administrative capital.

80 km / h is the speed of the monorail, and the journey time from “Cairo Stadium” to the “New Administrative Capital” will be 60 minutes

We must mention that the monorail is being implemented in Egypt for the first time, which will be a great development in reducing traffic congestion

The monorail is also environmentally friendly, reducing pollution and saving fuel at the same time

Although it is very fast and is one of the most modern and advanced transportation, it is considered one of the most convenient and safe means

The monorail will be operational by the beginning of 2023 and will be available to citizens to use

This project is part of the state’s plan, which among its objectives is to develop means of transportation and link the new administrative capital to Greater Cairo,

which will facilitate the movement to and from the new administrative capital.